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Have you been searching for a "Beyond the Ordinary" real estate photographer near Macon, GA ?

Your search is OVER !

Who I Serve

My professionally created listing images are an essential part of the marketing plan of anyone involved in the sale of residential or commercial property.


To separate your home's listing from the dozens of MLS listings, your photos have to be "beyond the ordinary"!

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Middle GA Realtors

Sell your listings faster and earn higher commissions.  Put me on your sales team!

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I have very special licensing terms which allow you to use one set of images for all homes with the same floorplan.


Vacation Rentals

To maximize rental income, your advertising photos have to be "beyond the ordinary" !

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     A new generation of home buyers

When I bought my home (11 yrs ago), realtors were the only ones with access to MLS listings.  After choosing a realtor,
THEY would decide which listings you would see. TODAY, the home buyer views MLS listings on line and guides
the realtor about what listings they want to see.  With home buyers now browsing listings in the comfort of their
home, you've got  just a matter of seconds  to grab their attention.  Michael Gowin gave me permission to share a recent
post where he goes in to more detail about this (with before and after photos):




PROFESSIONAL quality real estate photography requires specialized equipment (tripods, DSLR, ultra wide angle lens (see the difference a wide angle lens makes) and flash equipment). After the shoot, the photographer needs to be able to import the images into editing software where the "real magic" happens. I personally spend twice as much time processing images as I do capturing the images.


If you've seen enough . . . If you're convinced that you need my services . . . Call or text me NOW - 478-737-2244. If you need additional information about my services, please send me the contact form below.


Jim Barber - read about what makes me different from other
photographers in this field - Why hire me?

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