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Fill your vacation rental’s booking calendar

Fill your vacation rental's booking calendar by using . . .

Stunning Professional Photography in your listings!

Using professional photography for vacation rental listings can have numerous benefits for owners. Here are ten reasons why:

1. **First Impressions:** Professional photos capture the property's best features, creating a positive first impression that entices potential guests to explore the listing further.

2. **Increased Bookings:** High-quality images showcase the property's appeal, leading to higher booking rates as guests are more likely to trust and choose listings with captivating photos.

3. **Highlight Features:** Professional photographers know how to emphasize the property's unique features, such as luxurious amenities, stunning views, or well-designed interiors, which can help set the rental apart from the competition.

4. **Realistic Representation:** Professional photos accurately represent the property, minimizing the risk of disappointed guests who arrive and find discrepancies between the images and reality.

5. **Emotional Connection:** Striking images evoke emotions and help potential guests visualize themselves enjoying their stay, making them more likely to book the property.

6. **Optimized Listing Performance:** Many online booking platforms prioritize listings with high-quality images, improving the property's visibility and search ranking, leading to more inquiries and bookings.

7. **Higher Rates:** Properties with professional photos tend to command higher rental rates, as guests perceive them as more valuable and desirable.

8. **Consistency:** Professional photography ensures a consistent and coherent visual style across all images, enhancing the listing's overall aesthetics.

9. **Shareability:** Guests are more likely to share visually appealing listings with their friends and family, resulting in increased exposure for the property.

10. **Time and Effort Savings:** High-quality photos can significantly reduce the need for back-and-forth communication with potential guests, as the images effectively communicate what the property has to offer.

In summary, professional photography can significantly enhance the marketability of vacation rental properties, leading to increased bookings, higher rental rates, and overall improved guest satisfaction.

I've helped others owners . . . I can help YOU too!

Here are a few sample shots of an AirBnB I recently photographed  >  >

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How Professional Listing Photos Catapult REALTORS to Success!

Changing the listing photos led to the quick sale of a home; a true story


May 2023:  An out of town REALTOR listed a home for sale in Macon.  Not knowing what resources were available in Macon, GA, she decided to take the listing photos herself.  The home sat on MLS for 2 weeks with no showings.  

Below is a gallery of 6 photos that she had been using in the listing:

This situation led her to do an internet search for "real estate photographers in Macon, GA".  I was delighted to receive her call and listen to her insight that the listing photo quality was turning potential buyers off.  I applaud her for understanding the importance of top quality listing photos.  I took on the assignment and created a full set of replacement photos. 

Here are 6 of the photos that I created for the listing.  Compare them to the photos that she had taken earlier in the gallery above.

Once the REALTOR put my replacement photos on MLS, a contract to purchase was signed in just 3 days !!

< Savvy REALTORS do not underestimate the POWER of professional listing photos >


Call or text Jim Barber / Impressive Images Photography / 478-737-2244

Selling your home? Choose YOUR Realtor wisely!

Selling your home?  Choose YOUR Realtor wisely!


Choosing the right REALTOR is an important decision when you are selling your home. For most people, selling their home will be the most important financial transaction they’ll ever make. Choosing the wrong REALTOR can cost you tens of thousands of $$.

NUMBER 1: The research has been done and the results are in  >  Homes that use professionally created listing photos  1) Get more traffic  2) Sell faster  3) Sell for more money!  Before signing a Listing Contract, make sure the REALTOR guarantees that your home will be photographed by a professional photographer using the specialized equipment that is required to give your home the best possible visual presentation!!!


Look for experience: Look for a REALTOR who has experience selling homes in your area. It’s a BIG mistake to choose an out of town REALTOR (even if it’s your brother in law).  An experienced, local REALTOR will have a good understanding of the local market and will be able to provide you with valuable insights on pricing and marketing your home.


Ask for referrals: Ask friends and family for referrals to REALTORS they have used and had a positive experience with.


Check online reviews: Look up the REALTOR's online reviews on sites like Google, Yelp, or Zillow. Read what others have to say about their experience working with the REALTOR.


Interview multiple REALTORS: Don't just settle for the first REALTOR you meet. Interview multiple REALTORS and ask them questions about their experience, marketing strategies, and how they plan to sell your home.


Consider their marketing plan: A good REALTOR should have a solid marketing plan for your home, including online marketing, open houses, and other promotional activities.

How many listing photos are too many?

Research reveals how to sell YOUR listings faster and save money at the same time! 

   I've been researching the topic of  "How does the number of listing photos affect home sales?".   I'm sure you will find the results of that search very surprising.  Many of you may be thinking "I'll put up as many photos as MLS allows".   Keep reading to find out if that is wise.


Sold sign in front of house
MLS photo of a home that sold quickly.

Love them or not, you have to admit that Zillow has done a lot of research about homebuyers.

Here are some statistics:

  • On average, homebuyers only view 17 to 22 photos per listing.  If your photographer is providing 45 to 60 photos, you're wasting money!
  • Homebuyers stay on listings with 360 degree panoramas 46% longer than listings without.  Is your photographer providing this valuable service?
  • The 2nd most desired element of a listing is a Floor Plan.  That's a service that I offer.
  • Surprisingly, drone photos are not that important in the buying decision.

Here's the most surprising of all !

Listings with 27 or less photos sell faster than homes with 28 or more photos


The perils of too many listing photos!

1)  Even if a viewer looks at all 57 photos you post (probably not going to happen), they will be in a state of information overload.

2)  After viewing 40+ photos, the buyer erroneously feels that there's nothing left to see so never calls for a showing. 

3)  The most important photos to homebuyers are: family room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath.  The impact of these photos  is diluted with each additional photo you show!

4)   Showing too many photos increases the chance that you'll show elements of the home that will be a turn off for certain buyers!  Take, for instance, a view of the kitchen that shows a pet feeding station OR a teenager's bedroom that's painted neon green.

Real estate marketing photo taken at dusk

What is the optimum number of photos to put on MLS?


     Hopefully, we can all agree that the purpose of listing photos is to show  just enough  information to MOTIVATE homebuyers to visit your listing in person!  Keeping that in mind, "less will get better results than more".

The Research:

 Zillow >  Listings with more than 28 photos take longer to sell.  They suggest 22 - 27 photos is the sweet spot.

Easy Street >  Listings with 15 - 20 photos are most likely to attract homebuyer attention.

Kirk Voclain (photographer) >  REALTORS get the best results with his package of only 12 photos!

A J Caruso (photographer) >  Produced this great sliding scale table based on home size.      >  >  >


How I can save YOU money!

Photographers who charge by the square foot have the intention of photographing every nook and cranny of the home yielding many more photos than you should post on MLS.  I, on the other hand, can selectively create 20 - 24 attention grabbing photos of the areas that are most likely to grab homebuyer interest.  Buyers are more likely to visit your listings in person with this approach.

My price list is based on the number of photos delivered.  If I create up to 24 photos, you'll only pay $170 or less (2024 pricing).

    If you're not convinced by the evidence that I've presented here,  I'll be glad to give your listings whole house coverage.

Either way, try out my services on your very next listing. 

Jim Barber / Impressive Images Photography / 478-737-2244



Pricing strategies for Real Estate Photography

Pricing Strategies for Real Estate Photography

real estate interior photo

Pricing Strategies for Real Estate Photography

During my 5 year career in real estate photography, I studied various methods of pricing real estate photography.  Read below to find out which one I use!

  1. Flat rate pricing -  One price fits all.  Regardless of the size of the house, you've committed to photograph it for a fixed price.  This pricing is usually reserved to gain an exclusive arrangement with an agent or real estate firm.  PROBLEM:  If the agreed upon price isn't high enough, the photographer will be out of business in no time at all.
  2. A percentage of the listing price -  the photographer's price for services is calculated as a small percentage (.07% to .09%) of the listing price of the home. This seems to make sense;  the REALTORS commission is based on sales price.  PROBLEM:  Often photographers are asked to photograph the property before the listing price has been established.  In the 2022 real estate market, it's not unusual for the price to be increased once on the market.
  3. Square foot pricing - By far the most common pricing model in 2022.  It is a simple approach to pricing (the photographer's price per square foot x the home's square footage = the price the REALTOR pays)  PROBLEM:  the REALTOR comes up holding the short end of the stick.  1) What if the square footage includes areas that aren't going to be photographed (garages, attics, unfinished basements)?   2) Let's talk about the "tale of 2 bedrooms"  >  bedroom A measures 10' x 15'; bedroom B measures 20' x 30'.  The square foot photographer is charging you more to photograph bedroom B !!!   3)  With this system, the Realtor is always paying for "whole house" coverage.  There's a growing school of thought that TOO MANY listing photos dissuade homebuyers from visiting the listing in person.
  4. Number of delivered photos pricingtakes a little getting used to but saves YOU money!  The price is determined by the number of photos delivered NOT square footage of the home.  This allows the REALTOR to set their own budget for each listing.  The REALTOR can elect less than "whole house" coverage without sacrificing the most attention grabbing photos.  BINGO! - This is the pricing model that I use and what separates me from the ever growing number of competitors.


Contact Jim Barber / Impressive Images Photography / 478-737-2244  for your very next listing!

When it comes to real estate photographers-Why hire me?

When you search the internet for “REAL ESTATE PHOTOGRAPHERS”, you’ll find many choices . . . so why choose me?  NO, I’m not the cheapest!

A decade ago, the cost of admission (to be labeled a professional photographer) was an investment of  $7,000 to $10,000 to purchase medium format cameras, flash systems and studio equipment.  Presently, many folks present themselves as “professionals” by simply owning a $500 digital camera, one lens and enjoying “taking pictures”.  Their cheap prices are very attractive but the results are, far too often, disappointing.


Real estate photography requires the right equipment AND the right skills behind the camera and in front of the computer.  I have invested 20 years in acquiring the right equipment, developing the right skills and demonstrating my commitment to do the job right the first time.  Here’s why you should choose me:


How to choose a photographer




Pandemic help for Middle GA Realtors

3 new tools to help Middle GA Realtors sell homes in this disrupted market !

Photos of quickly sold homes in Middle GA

   This very DOWN market in Middle GA real estate is being caused by record unemployment (over 30 million jobs lost) and the worrisome infection rate from the Covid 19 pandemic.  But life must go on - there is still a need to buy and sell homes in middle GA.  

    I've amped up my exceptional listing photos services with 3 new tools to MOTIVATE home buyers to VISIT your listings in person.  Realtors who are using my services are seeing the benefits (see photo above).

WATCH THE VIDEO TO SEE WHAT I'M OFFERING and see if  YOU  would benefit from using my services !

High Quality Home photography

enhanced photo for real estate marketing

2633 S. Northwood Dr.

Macon, GA 31204

4 BRs, 3 baths, 2491 sq ft.


Well established neighborhood with easy access to I-75.

Here's what the Realtor has to say:

"What sits under the big Oak tree is so desirable. Seller has taken this home to new standards. Removing walls and remodeling the kitchen, living room and den, master bathroom and more. Granite counter-tops in kitchen including island, new appliances, new flooring, new custom cabinets plus built-in pantry. The master bathroom looks like something out of Southern Living and all of this is accented by refurbished pieces of wood from Mossy Creek and from this home. Split floor-plan separates the master suite from the other 2 bedrooms. Walk-in closet in master was formerly the 4th bedroom. New floors, new paint, new light fixtures all in the last 2-3 years. Home has been re-wired, new electrical panel, Updated laundry and bathrooms. A pleasure to see!"

Contact Anna Roberts (478-228-2521) for your personal tour of this great home.

collage of real estate listing photos

120 Golden Oak Dr. Macon

Real estate exterior photo of house

120 Golden Oak Dr.   

Macon, Ga  31216


4 BRs , 3 baths,  2749 sq ft.  Conveniently located with easy access to Macon and Warner Robins.

Notes from the Realtor:

"On the golf course at Oakview. This red brick beauty is in new condition. Can hardly tell it has ever been lived in. Open floorplan with rich cherry cabinetry in the kitchen with granite tops. Master bedroom is on the main level with 3 additional bedrooms upstairs. Covered rear patio with views of the golf course and private backyard."

Contact  Jimmy Ballard  (478-973-7455)  for more information.


collage of listing photos

185 Corbin Ave Unit H Macon, GA is for sale


  This cozy, 2 bedroom condo is for sale in a very convenient section of Macon, GA.  Why rent when you can have all the benefits of home ownership?  

Contact Anna Roberts  (478-228-2521)  for all the details. 

Here's what the Realtor has to say: 

"Seller is leaving the state but has loved this condo in the heart of midtown. Close to Mercer University, downtown, Ingleside & Wesleyan College. Sidewalks lead you right to the shops and restaurants in Ingleside Village. This upstairs unit is all on one level and is open and spacious. Kitchen features hardwood floors, granite counter-tops and walk-in pantry. Hardwood floors accent the family room, foyer, dining room, and of course, the kitchen. The family room is anchored by a fireplace with gas logs Secure and gated condo. Move-in ready"

a collage of listing photos

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