Real Estate Photographer in Macon, GA

A note to Middle GA Realtors


This Realtor has learned  the  importance of professional
real estate photography.

"I have been a full time Realtor for 22 years.  I know the importance of good photography.  I always prided myself on the quality of my photographs, that is until I hired Jim Barber.  Jim made my homes stand out from all the rest!  No more dark rooms, bright window light or small corner shots of a room.  Now the color is clear and the wide angle really shows off the space of the home without distortion.   Jim is professional in appearance and shows respect to the homeowners and myself by being on time and even a little early.  His turn around time is quick and he is easy to schedule an appointment with.  I highly recommend Jim Barber for Real Estate photography and he is also highly skilled in portrait photography for your business cards or that special marketing piece.  

Lou Ann Harris  
Coldwell Banker Bullard Realty.

Have you ever noticed what separates the top performers in your
industry from the rest?

     One of the factors is that they all offer their sellers the advantages of using professional photographers for their listing photos.  It's a real struggle to get to the top if you're not offering your clients the best possible presentation of their property.

     I follow the listings on Zillow quite often.  I'm always amazed by the illogical practice of doing a price drop of $3500, rather than making a $200 investment in professional photos that will stimulate more interest (traffic) in the property.

You may be asking, "So, how do I benefit from using a professional
photographer for listing photos?"

  1. The research shows that homes will sell faster and for higher commissions when listing photos are done by a professional !
  2.  Increases the number of listings you will book!  Imagine this scenario,  a seller has already talked to another realtor about listing their home. Now, it's your turn.  What if you told them "All of my listings are photographed by a professional photographer.  This gives your home a much better appearance than other listings on MLS".  Doesn't that give you a BIG advantage in this situation?
  3.  You receive a special gift on the first home that I shoot for you.



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    Real Estate photography in Forsyth, GA

    Samples of real estate photography project in Forsyth, GA

    A local realtor asked me to create listing photos for a new customer.  This is a beautiful older home filled with antiques. The owners had taken a lot of time preparing the home for this photo session (and it shows).

    I created a flyer to highlight some of the photos:

    photos from a new real estate listing.

    Using wide angle lenses in real estate photography.

    Professional wide angle lens vs. amateur camera

    A typical real estate scene taken with 3 different cameras from the same camera position.

    If a real estate agent takes your homes listing photos, they typically use cell phone cameras OR point and shoot cameras.  Even if they pull out a digital SLR, do they have a 10 – 24 mm lens?  Looking at the comparison below, which camera makes the room look more spacious?  Most people have a preference for the bottom photo (which most realtors don’t have to equipment to take).  

    Having a professional photographer create images of your home will make it look
    more spacious and desirable.  Hire a PRO.

    Comparison of same scene with different camera types.

    The importance of taking well-composed and exposed photos of real estate can NOT be taken for granted!  If your Realtor
    is cutting corners (and not using a professional photographer) then it’s significantly costing you – the seller!  Over 80% of buyers
    look online FIRST to find their home. When they look through dozens of online listings and make out their “must see” list, you
    want to have the best pictures possible.

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