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How Professional Listing Photos Catapult REALTORS to Success!

Changing the listing photos led to the quick sale of a home; a true story


May 2023:  An out of town REALTOR listed a home for sale in Macon.  Not knowing what resources were available in Macon, GA, she decided to take the listing photos herself.  The home sat on MLS for 2 weeks with no showings.  

Below is a gallery of 6 photos that she had been using in the listing:

This situation led her to do an internet search for "real estate photographers in Macon, GA".  I was delighted to receive her call and listen to her insight that the listing photo quality was turning potential buyers off.  I applaud her for understanding the importance of top quality listing photos.  I took on the assignment and created a full set of replacement photos. 

Here are 6 of the photos that I created for the listing.  Compare them to the photos that she had taken earlier in the gallery above.

Once the REALTOR put my replacement photos on MLS, a contract to purchase was signed in just 3 days !!

< Savvy REALTORS do not underestimate the POWER of professional listing photos >


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