Real Estate Photographer in Macon, GA

Why did this home sell in 48 hours?

This home went under contract in less than 48 hours.

Real estate photo of home using special effects.

The three elements that came together to sell this home in less than 48 hours.


The Realtor

The listing agent, Lou Ann Harris, has been in the business for over 20 years.  Those years of experience have taught her how to price a property properly without the “trial and error” pricing formula many agents use.  She has also developed a broad network of outlets to maximize the amount of exposure the property receives.  She provides wise advice about what the seller can do to make the home more appealing to potential buyers.  Trust Lou Ann Harris to list and sell your home in the quickest time possible.


The Sellers

The sellers made a huge contribution to the quick sale of this home.  Despite the fact that 3 children live in the home, the house was “neat as a pin” when I arrived for the photoshoot. They had followed each one of Lou’s recommendations on how to prepare the house for photos (and visits).  Inside and out, each item was organized in an appealing fashion.


The Photographer

Yes, I’m going to take credit for the great listing photos.  Lou added the photos to the listing for this property on late Monday afternoon. Monday night she received 3 calls to set up appointments to see the home. The home was shown 3 or more times on Monday.  Monday night she received 2 offers to buy the home at FULL listing price.  Tuesday morning the sellers accepted the offer.  This cascade of activity all started with the addition of professional quality photos to the listing.

I am Jim Barber, a commercial/real estate photographer based in Forsyth, GA.  I have invested in the specialized equipment to photograph real estate; I have many years of training in using computer programs to really make the listing photos shine; and I’ve got the commitment to bring out the best in every photo that I deliver.  Considering travel time, shooting time and computer time, I invested the better part of 9 hours in this project.  I WILL DO THE SAME FOR YOU !  Call Jm at 478-737-2244.


The Photos

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