Real Estate Photographer in Macon, GA

Using wide angle lenses in real estate photography.

Professional wide angle lens vs. amateur camera

A typical real estate scene taken with 3 different cameras from the same camera position.

If a real estate agent takes your homes listing photos, they typically use cell phone cameras OR point and shoot cameras.  Even if they pull out a digital SLR, do they have a 10 – 24 mm lens?  Looking at the comparison below, which camera makes the room look more spacious?  Most people have a preference for the bottom photo (which most realtors don’t have to equipment to take).  

Having a professional photographer create images of your home will make it look
more spacious and desirable.  Hire a PRO.

Comparison of same scene with different camera types.

The importance of taking well-composed and exposed photos of real estate can NOT be taken for granted!  If your Realtor
is cutting corners (and not using a professional photographer) then it’s significantly costing you – the seller!  Over 80% of buyers
look online FIRST to find their home. When they look through dozens of online listings and make out their “must see” list, you
want to have the best pictures possible.

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