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Eric made a $500 investment and got a 40X ROI !!

Here's Eric's story:

Just like you, Eric owns a vacation rental property.  He paid Tyann Marcink (a fellow vacation rental photographer) $500 to replace the DIY photos he was using to market his property.  After placing the professional quality photos in his marketing materials,  his rental income increased by $20,000; can you believe it!

CLICK HERE to read an article which mentions Eric's success

No doubt about it!  The one thing YOU can do, with the largest return on investment,  is to hire a professional photographer who has the RIGHT equipment and the RIGHT experience to create professionally crafted photographs of your property.  For several years, I have been making great contributions to local Realtors success by creating attention grabbing photos of their listings.  I'D LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE TO YOUR SUCCESS ALSO!



I use a sliding scale to determine price:  The more units that I can photograph on a single trip to your locale the less expensive each shoot is.  Network with other owners.  Call  (478-737-2244)  or email me ( and we'll discuss price when I know how many units are involved.

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